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    Thu: Stuft, 5:30-8:30
    Fri: Valentino's, 5-10
    Sat: D'Burritos, 2-9
    Sun: Buns in the Sun, 1-8

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    Saturday 12/20

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    Friday 12/19

    Featured Food Truck:
    Valentino's, 5-10pm

    Music by Out to Lunch

    From 7-11pm!

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    Saturday 12/20

    Featured Food Truck:
    D'Burritos, 2-9pm

    Music by Bud Moffet

    From 7-10pm!

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    Sunday 12/21

    Featured Food Truck:
    Buns in the Sun, 1-8pm

    Music by Garrett Morrison

    From 4-7pm!

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About Us



Scott Palmieri,
Scott Wood (L-R)

Draft Line Brewing Co.

Draft Line Brewing Co. was founded by Scott Palmieri and Scott Wood. Sharing a passion for great beer, we began like most home-brewers several years ago brewing five gallon increments in the Palmieri family Kitchen. Soon enough we realized that we needed to make a lot more beer. The home-brew setup morphed into 40 gallon increments.

Once the operation began to resemble a nano-brewey we decided to forge ahead with creating a microbrewery in the heart of North Carolina.

We like getting friends together and having a great time. Stop by our taproom in historic Fuquay-Varina, NC for a great time and let us share our vision for what a great beer can be!

The Beer


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 5.3%

Graf Pale Ale

This light golden colored American Pale Ale brings the tropical fruit flavors of Australian and New Zealand Hops together with American malts. Crisp yet refreshing, tropical fruit flavors and aromas are showcased in this pale ale. These “down unda” hops are backed by American two-row malted barley and Caramel Malts creating a truly balanced “Kiwi Style” Pale Ale.


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 5.3%

Wilbon American Wheat Ale

Soft and smooth, this American Wheat Ale has a lot to offer for those looking for a lightly hopped beer. Like a cloudy day it offers respite from the heat of the day with its blend of Wheat and Two-Row American Barley. Lightly colored and unfiltered, hints of bitter and sweet orange peel meld with spicy hops to create the perfect light beer for sitting on the porch, by the pool or just watching the pale waves of grain blow in the wind.


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 7.5%

RiverSteam Scotch Ale

This Strong Scotch Ale, also known as a “Wee Heavy”, is one of our favorite brews. RiverSteam Scotch combines rich malty sweetness from the finest Malts of the UK along with “Earthy Aroma” hops. This medium bodied beer goes down easy and leaves no room for doubt. So go ahead and take a Steam down the River and see where it leads you.


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 5.6%

Deep Plunge Porter

Dark, rich and velvety smooth this English Style porter will take you to new depths of flavor. Black Barley, Chocolate, and Caramel Malts mix with English Barley for a complex full bodied ale that is to be slowly savored while you fathom the depths of whatever subject you want.


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 5.1%

Hemmings Pilsner

This “Bavarian Style” Pilsner is refreshing and full flavored. German malted barley gives this Lager a delicious bread like note, delicately balanced with spicy and floral hop aromas. This thirst quenching Lager is dry and crisp yet well rounded, much like Hemming’s monocycle.


Availability: Year Round
ABV: 6.6%

SinglePath IPA

To say we are hop heads here at Draft Line is an understatement. We constantly ride down the narrow trail of beer making oblivious to anything else except what the next beer will taste like. SinglePath IPA is bursting with hoppy flavors and aromas. We combine four different hops in six different additions for this beer creating a banquet of citrus, piney and floral flavors for the pallet. Then we dry hop the beer with another huge dose of hops creating a bouquet that is complex and balanced – creating a 2-Wheeled Iron Horse of an IPA that will take you down that singular path to Hop-Topia!




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Brewery/Tap Room Address

Draft Line Brewing Company
341 Broad Street, Suite 151
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Phone: 919-557-7121

Tap Room Hours

Mon-Thurs: 4PM-10PM
Fri: 4PM-11PM
Sat: Noon-11PM
Sun: 1PM-8PM